Benefits of Drilling Mud System

2021-07-02 14:07

we’ll discuss the drilling mud system.

At the rig floor, the rotating, hollow drill pipe string continuously circulates drilling fluids, called mud.   Drilling mud is used to:

  • lubricate, cool, and clean the drill bit

  • control downhole pressure

  • stabilize the wall of the borehole

  • remove drill bit cuttings from the bottom of the hole

Drilling fluid is a highly engineered substance that is tailor made for each specific well application.   The mud chemical makeup is monitored closely as it changes throughout the drilling process.   The mud system reflects any new geological and operational conditions that inevitably occur down-hole.

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Two common classifications of drilling mud is whether it is oil or water based mud, each of which are used depending on reservoir formation characteristics. Generally speaking, oil based muds are used in horizontal and shale wells and water based in vertical wells.